For Drivers

Why drive for Friscab?

We want to remind you that we are here for you, we understand things happen but we are your biggest supporters. Drivers are as important for us as riders are, let us prove it to you!

Perks of driving with us

Hot areas and current location

We have designed a way for you to be able to know in which areas there are more trips available plus an estimation on around how much trips will be available and when at your current location. We understand that sometimes you may be far from the busy areas and making the trip to them isn't the best option. However, the app will also guide you through the places where there are more opportunities to find trips.

Earn what you deserve

You can track your earnings easily though the app as well as the bonuses you accumulate, not only daily but also weekly and monthly. With Friscab you actually earn what you deserve, our service fee is only 10%, which means you get most of the profit from every trip you make, earning of average 40% more per hour than the competition!

In-App tip

We offer a big bonuses for your first time driving with us, we value you as a partner and always have you in mind when making decisions. We also incorporated the in-App tip possibility, where riders can tip each driver after reaching their destiny. Something we encourage them to do and that of course goes straight to your profits.

New Promotions and features

We keep you informed about new promotions and earning opportunities as well as new features coming up to your account all through your app. Plus, we offer you help any time you have a question on how to use the app.


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