Friscab's Safety Policy

The safety of our drivers and riders is one of our top priorities. We want all of you to feel comfortable while you are on the way and that is why we have created a variety of features to ensure that.

We offer many security features within the app for both drivers and riders, starting but not limited to:

Track your trip

Share all the details of your trip with someone you trust. They can track the progress of your trip until you have safely reach to your destination. This applies for both drivers and riders!

Support available

24-hour support available for both riders and drivers with our trained team willing to help you out and guide you through any doubts or concerns you may have.


We ask for bilateral ratings with the option to leave feedbacks for us to know what needs to improved as well as what our drivers and riders need to work on. We value your comments and keep a focus track record on them.

Anonymato options

More anonymato options for those who want to remain a little more private, we offer the option to disclose any or all private personal information such as your real last name (for both drivers and riders).

Harassment policies are in place to prevent any kind of unwanted behavior from both sides, this along the Community Guidelines which must be follow at all times, ensure mutual respect and peace of mind.

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