It is very easy, our app is user friendly and we are always available to guide you through every step. You just need to:


Download our Friscab app available at the App Store and Google Play Store on your smartphone. Once that is done you can easily create an account.


Requesting a ride by entering your final destination as well as your ride option (sharing ride or private ride), you will know how far the drivers are from your location as well as the price up front. If you decided to make different stops you can also add them while requesting the ride, the changes on the prices and timing will adjust for you to see. You can also save locations that you visit frequently into the app such as your home or your workplace which will make it easier and faster at the time of requesting the ride.


We match you with the closest driver who will fulfill your special requests, you will see their location and be available to track them to yours.


Enjoy your ride without any preoccupations, you will be able to see the map to your destination and the estimated time of arrival. If you are splitting the fare with someone you can also do it through the app, unlike our competitors you can choose how much you want to split it for.

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